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This company is proud to be the first manufacturer to obtain manufacturing permits from the Ministry of Health, as well as quality management system marks such as ISO, OHSAS, IMS, and the European Standard Mark (CE)

  • High creativity

    Today, the products produced by this industrial group are used in the packaging of dairy products, protein products, legumes, all kinds of vegetables, all kinds of hot and cold drinks, and also in restaurants for food and health purposes

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Perseverance - seriousness and maintaining quality

According to the mission of production, which is to improve the quality and quantity of products and increase the satisfaction of consumers, this industrial group, with its experienced and educated management and technical staff, is ready to present new designs for big packaging companies.

plastic dishes

Quality is our priority

Paper containers

Elegance and creativity in all products

Foam containers

Using the best material And the use of the most specialized forces has been used for the production of this collection

Perseverance - seriousness and maintaining quality

  • Variety in design

  • Quality in production

  • Reasonable price

The best in the field of producing disposable dishes

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